Event updates for 2020

Dear Friends of Sir Hans Sloane Centre,

It is never easy to get any new project off the ground and certainly this one is on an extra-long hurdle race! However it is all shaping up now and we have a ‘Soft Opening’.

We now need your support in terms of Taking Part. Please sign up for the workshops, exhibitions and clubs described below. We will never be open if no one books up and comes along

Very importantly, we need volunteer staff to man the Centre so that the doors can be open for drop in and purchases. On the couple of days we had the Centre open in August it was very pleasing to have a good number of visitors to Killyleagh come in, they browsed the displays and chatted a while about the project.

We have a lot about to happen so click the button below for details of what’s on for all age groups and interests, and importantly how you can support the Centre and spread the word.

It would be great if you shared this with anyone who might be interested in our upcoming events.