Killyleagh Summer Festival 2019

We had a brilliant day meeting lots of people on High Street on their way to the Killyleagh Summer Festival. It was great fun showing children of all ages how to make giant bubbles with a soapy water solution and a few pieces of wool.

It was a too windy outdoors so we had to have our giant bubble demonstration inside the Centre. It was a real shame because the bubbles it produces are spectacular and would have been a real crowd pleaser. In fact, the bubbles are so big people can stand inside one! A happy side effect of standing inside a giant bubble is that when it bursts you get a free soapy shower 😀

The purpose of our giant bubble demonstration was manyfold:

  • to have fun!
  • to spread the word about the Sir Hans Sloane Centre,
  • to engage with local people, especially children,
  • to show that when the Centre is up and running these are the types of things we can do for Killyleagh children,
  • to reflect all of this back on Sir Hans Sloane, who was intensely curious about science and nature.

We hope we sent people away with a smile and thinking about bubbles and Sir Hans a little bit more deeply.

During the day we manage to capture some lovely photos and a couple of great slow-mo videos of bubbles bursting which we’ll add below shortly.

(Video size: 14MB)