It’s time to talk about the women of Ireland – their bravery and brilliance!
Let’s look at what they achieved – despite men looking over their shoulders!
WHAT? Three talks by Clive Scoular., followed by much chat & discussion!
Talk 1 – Sarah Purser (1848 – 1943)
Never heard of Sarah? Attend and you will undoubtedly agree with me that her contribution to life in Ireland was outstanding!
Talk 2 – Saidie Patterson (1906 – 1985)
Sadie made sure that hard-working women received equal pay, despite opposition from men.
Talk 3 – Augusta Gregory (1852 – 1932)
George Bernard Shaw described Lady Augusta Gregory as “the greatest living Irishwoman”. She co-founded the Abbey Theatre with W.B. Yeats and gave Ireland its own national theatre.
After Talk 3 (8pm): QUIZ
– one like you’ve never had before when you will have the chance to look back on these ladies and answer questions about them!
WHEN? Wednesday, 1st, 8th, 15th May 2024.    3-4pm, and repeated, 7-8pm.
COST? A donation of £5 per class.