STEM Summer Project for 13-18 yr olds

On High Street, Killyleagh we have the new Sir Hans Sloane Centre.  This is a Centre which aims to bring new activities and opportunities for the people of Killyleagh, Shrigley and the surrounding areas.

When it’s up and running the Centre will have a small Cinema, we hope it will have a Sound and Recording Studio, a Makers Space, Digital Suite, Art Workshops, Writing Workshops, Homework Clubs, Summer/weekend job opportunities for school students and much more.

Get involved

But first we need to fund raise and showcase the potential of the Centre to buy the equipment.

This is where you can help us and in return gain something yourself – such as an interesting and enjoyable experience, learn new skills, produce something to be proud of that will be on display in the Centre or in the newspaper or on our website, and you can add it to your personal statement.

We are asking you to get involved for a very short period of time –- just 3 hours for 2- 3 days. Or maybe when you read some of the options below you may want to do more.

The Apollo 360 Project

This is the Apollo 360 Project and below are all the options. Read through them and then if you tick any of the boxes, get in touch with us and I will arrange for you to be on the team. 

First of all the project is about Space Travel – but it really does not matter if you are not a big fan of space travel, or not even a fan at all, as there is a range of activities to choose from. Also, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to do any of these things because it is very important to try new things

Be Enterprising. Be Curious.

All you need to be, is willing to try and help us out so that the Centre is there for you and everyone else.

We need to form a group of around 10 members of 50% girls 50% boys from Killlyeagh, Shrigley or nearby. Age range 13-18 years – the age range means you will be able to do the activity and if you are older then you would do it at a higher level – no one is checking – it is just to your own ability.

Want to take part?

We need to know who is to be involved very soon – so please reply as soon as you can – it would be most helpful if you reply within two days – so that we have all our replies ready to get back to you on Tuesday, 4th August.

So if you ticked any of those boxes in the download then email Elizabeth at or text to 07896 254153. Send your name, age and what you would like to be involved in. You can choose one or more of the options. Elizabeth will reply to confirm you have a place on the team, collect parental permission and we can get started.